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The Hidden Agenda

Uncovering the truth behind a global tragedy

Where do you channel your rage when everything you care about has been taken away? Jack Wilson, a recently demoted RCMP officer, has given up on life after losing his grandfather to a deadly virus that has the world in its grips. Dr. Michael Chung has the secrets to the vaccine for the viral disease that is the cause of the pandemic. Dr. Emily Rogers pushes her work aside to travel to China to pursue the truth about the mystery her late father revealed in a letter. Emily recruits Jack to go to China and convince Dr. Chung to help them develop a vaccine for her country - Canada. Their journey to China reveals the sinister truth about the global tragedy and losses in their personal lives. If you enjoy the Harlan Coben’s style of writing murder mystery, then you’ll love this.

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Ajinkya Satish Dharane is an engineer by education, an entrepreneur by profession. He has worked in the automotive industry for a long time, before following his dream to run an entertainment company.  
Ajinkya mostly writes crime fiction for fun. His work mostly involves some kind of conspiracy theories (although he does not encourage any of the theories out there) and a classic whodunit crime stories. Ajinkya thinks conspiracy theories are, and should be for fun, and not to deduce any sinister motives behind everything. 
In his blogs, Ajinkya writes about the activities going around the world. Having stayed in the US for a long time, he is fascinated about political, technological and other developments in the US, but Ajinkya is a proud Indian-Canadian.
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