• Ajinkya Satish Dharane

We are just beginning !

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

It took only a couple of months for our friendship to turn into love Little did we know that eleven years later our relationship would be as pure as snow

From innocent college years to long-distance tears you stood by me, without any fear

You became one with my family as if they were your own Even on your toughest day, you didn’t corrupt your tone

You became strong and independent, kept yourself pushing not for your own gain, but to hide my shortcomings

You supported my crazy You kicked my lazy

You changed countries for me, not once but twice without any reservations in your mind, you left all your comfort behind

You gave yourself no room for change giving me freedom, to test my range

You asked me what I feel about you all I can say is, “thank you”

I may succeed, I may fail, I can never blame God For he made us, peas in the pod

I was wondering how to write an ending But i realized we are just beginning

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