First Thoughts of the Day / 17 April 2020

For the first time in a long time, I had lived my day doing mindless, unproductive work. Well, unproductive for my mind. Probably very productive for my employer — Amazon Fulfillment Center in Bolton, Ontario.

My body had no trouble getting up today. It had got full eight hours of sleep and the rest it deserved after working ten hours yesterday. But my mind was still struggling to wake up. So again my mind was in a fight with my brain.

My mind said, “go out there and be the hero of your life. You can live the day to your will. You own every moment of today, live for your own gratification and not for the vindication by the society”

My brain said, “you are right. But what if my highest gratification is the vindication by society”

My mind was confused. My brain had thrown a twister.

But secretly my brain was succumbing to the arguments of my mind. My brain has held productivity and daily growth in high regard. My brain knew that mind was the smarter one today and arguing on the principles my brain operates on.

My brain knew that sooner or later, my mind was going to win. It has to come up with a better argument. An argument where I have to live by the stereotypes of civil life. Because, my brain being the smarter one, knew that I HAVE to follow the rules. I do not have the courage to be a rebel, and most importantly my brain knew my mind’s weakness — it’s emotional responsibilities. There, my brain had found a winner.

My brain said, “Dear mind, think of your loved ones. Do this very unproductive, non-growing work today for them”

My mind hesitantly agreed, “Only today!”

My brain knew it had used social stereotypes to win a small battle today, but it was losing this never-ending war. Then my brain conflicting with itself thought,

“The most courageous act is to still think for yourself” — Coco Chanel

With a sigh of disappointment, my brain started preparing for another day in this life.

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